Executive Search

Client Resources

Geographic Regions Served

G2 serves its clients both nationally and internationally through its various specialty practices divisions.  Because we develop core functional areas of expertise and focus exclusively on these areas of specialization, we have achieved success on a global basis.

Our Search Process

Once engaged, G2 begins the search process. We manage each step in partnership with the client team. Successful results require diligence, cooperation, and communication during each phase. The critical steps in the process are:
  • Evaluation of the client need
  • Definition of position specifications and requisites
  • Market research and contact
  • Candidate screening and reference checks
  • Candidate "short list" identification
  • Evaluation and decision on candidates
  • Preparing for and scheduling of interviews
  • Interview agenda coordination and execution
  • Feedback and decision regarding candidates
  • Offer negotiations and extension of offer
  • Hiring and transition
"Our clients leverage our relationships, core processes, and advanced technology to drill down into the marketplace and identify superior candidates. They value our comprehensive market knowledge, third-party representation, confidentiality, and professional mediation." 

Consulting Services

G2 provides additional consulting services related to search that can be bundled or unbundled depending on our clients' specific requirements and needs.  We evaluate each project and customize a unique solution that could include any of the following services:
  • Candidate Profiling and Behavioral Assessment
  • Salary/Compensation Surveys
  • Research Services
  • Internet Recruitment Strategy and Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Human Resource and Organization Development Consulting
  • Independent Third-Party Background Verification